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    difference between listCollectionView and ArrayCollection

      can anyone tell me about the difference between an ArrayCollection and ListViewCollection? i know arraycollection inherits the listcollectionview class but i see both these classes are used in similar scenarios. It'll be useful to know the best practices for using these classes.
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          jpwrunyan Level 1
          First of all, I assume you mean "ListCollectionView"...

          The most important difference * to me* is that ListCollectionView (eg as used by DataGrid) can handle XMLLists and Arrays indiscriminately. ArrayCollection can only handle internal AS Arrays and Objects, and XMLListCollection only handles XMLList. Having said that, I am a BIG fan of ListCollectionView, especially when making inter-project components. If only I had discovered it sooner, my life could have been so much better.

          Long story short, I highly recommend using this class over the competition.