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    Positioning Controls relative to other Components

      I want to position a Button control relative to the bottom of an Image. I have set the image to automatically size to the width of the browser window by using left and right constraints but no bottom constraint - meaning that the bottom of the image floats as the browser window is resized.

      Things I have tried:
      1) Using an mx:Grid call with the image being the first row and the button the next row. Problem is the Grid will not allow me to size the image to the browser (in other words the image blasts off the right hand side of screen) even though I use the right constraint. I always get a scroll bar. mx:VBox gives the same result.
      2) Using a top constraint for the button of top="theImageName.height + 5", compiler does seem to like this even though it works with a click option (click="theImageName.height +5").

      Any ideas would be helpful.