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    About the warning message when using an RSL

      Hi guys,

      I've just succeeded in making a flex library project

      and come up with a myLibrary.swc.

      Yet my problem is that a warning message,which says 'where is the
      flash debugger host running',

      pops up every time a sub-application is being loaded...

      Is this just the way that RSL works or am I missing something???

      What is strange is that when I run the application in the Flex

      there's no warning message!

      But if I run the application in the bin folder or on some web page,

      this bothersome warning message just pops up on and on...

      For your refrence, I set the RSL URL at the Library path for my
      project like myLibrary.swf. Isn't this what it is supposed to be?

      Please correct me if I am missing something...

      Thank you very much~!!