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    How to extract an image from a link??

    DettCom Level 1

      I have been trying to extract and save the image in this url to a specific directory on our server. I am able to do it with .mov or .mpg files, but not this link.

      Here is the cfhttp code:

      <cfhttp method="get" getasbinary="yes"
      url=" http://pictures.sprintpcs.com//mmps/RECIPIENT/001_10b1f179964f9d55_1/2.2?inviteToken=fEBr4 57aYzYZf7R8LLlo&amp;limitsize=258,258&amp;outquality=90&amp;squareoutput=255,255,255&amp;e xt=.jpg&amp;iconifyVideo=true&amp;wm=1"

      Would anyone know how to do this?? Thanks!!