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    Adobe Creative Cloud doesn't work with Jumbo Frames?!

    Michael Tiemann Level 1

      I recently enabled link aggregation and jumbo frames on my local network to better work with the data rates of 6K R3D files on shared RAID drives.  That works great!  What doesn't work great is Adobe's Creative Cloud in this new context, which basically means that CC 2014 is partying like is 1994.  Which is ridiculous.


      Every other thing in my world works perfectly, except my connection to CC.  I can browse the web.  I can run all my applications.  I can rsync files.  I can send stuff to and from dropbox.  When I unplug the bonded network and switch to my simple WiFi (which uses standard packet sizes) Creative Cloud is happy to work, offer updates, etc.  But when I turn off WiFi and plug my bonded network back into the router, Creative Cloud somehow looks deep into my network packets and says "whoa, that's late 20th century technology I see there.  No Can Do."


      Really?  REALLY?  REALLY!?