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      I have a moviecliploader which first comes up then loads content into _level1 and _level2. After each loads I have a statement that tells _level1.gotoAndPlay("loadedSWF"); which works great on macs.... but on windows the player doesnt switch frames at all.... and on top of that I threw in test buttons and they do nothing when pressed (i have that last statement on them). All files are flash 8 and AS 2.0. I cant figure out what the hell the problem is. Attached is the last part of my MC loader. If you have any suggestions as to why its doing this I would love to know, thanx
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you're only executing that goto statement when something loads into both _level1 and _level2.

          the swf you're loading into _level1 has a frame labeled "loadedSWF"? and you can see your _level1 swf after your _level2 swf loads?

          and i'm a little worried about that first check to see if something loads into _level0. are you loading something into _level0? if so, all that code is irrelevent.
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            >Vee< Level 1
            Yes, each level1 has a frame labeled "loadedSWF". I was using the levels from the movie clip loader object to read each's progress. What I was trying to accomplish but am semi-unsuccessful at is...
            1. load two swfs using the movie clip loader object (into level 1 & 2)
            2. combine their bytestotal and loaded into one progress movie clip
            3. Then only after both is loaded tell _level1.gotoAndPlay("loadedSWF");
            as my _level1 swf has a code that triggers _level2 to play at a later time. I am not loading anything into _level0 b/c that would make no sense... but thats why you asked.... i put that there as a check
            All of my code is in a preloader.swf. Here is all of my code:
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              that makes it look even more likely the problem is you can't see your _level1 swf.

              attach a trace() function to the "loadedSWF" frame in you swf that loads into _level1.
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                >Vee< Level 1
                I wrote an entirely new loader... didnt even use the movie clip loader class... and had the same damn problem... works on a mac but not on a win. box.... so then i switched what file i was loading and had the same problem.....
                now im going crazy.... so i changed the security tags in the html to always then I stopped loading the file with an absolute addy (that had been one thing i never changed from the diff. versions).... and sure enough now it works...... I HAVE NO CLUE WHY.... you have to tell me... im not sure if the sandbox thing got in the way or if the FP9 hates absolute paths???
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  ohhhh. if files_root pointed to a non-local path you probably did run into an ie security issue.
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                    >Vee< Level 1
                    It pointed to a local file. So, when I applied my preloader to the three different main.swf's I got some mixed results. The smallest ones were getting loaded but they were invisible until I reloaded the page using the browser. The largest seemed to work fine. I have never had this happen. What I never mentioned was that my preloader was 84kb... which might be the biggest one I've ever used. I figured that it had to load itself.... and the other two levels all in the first frame which was a problem. What I did to satisfy the three diff. loads was to make the entire preloader.swf 10 frames long.
                    BTW none of this was ever a problem for the mac system, only win 2000 and xp (only ones i tested)
                    On the first I kept:
                    this._lockroot = true;
                    progress_mc._visible = false;
                    loadMovieNum("main_1.swf", 1); // which is 480kb
                    loadMovieNum("news.swf", 2); // 20kb
                    // the other two files that had the problem
                    // were main_2.swf and _3 both were 88kb
                    then on frame 10 I put the following: