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    I have an exporting problem


      I have an exporting problem. I tried to export a little over 2 minute video in 1080p at 29 fps. I know that this setting has worked on all of my previous videos until now. When I tried deleting the files I believed caused the problem, the error still occur. Is there any way to fix this?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running? What is your version set for NTSC or PAL?


          What specific export settings are you establishing for your 1080p29.97 Timeline content, and please detail the problem that you are having.

          Not enough, not working...need to know how and when the process is failing you.


          Your wrote

          When I tried deleting the files I believed caused the problem, the error still occur. Is there any way to fix this?

          What were those files that you deleted?


          Please supply more information that will help us help you.


          Thank you.



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            rachelb97339930 Level 1

            Thank you for replying so quickly. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 13. My computer is a Dell Inspiron. The version set is NTSC, I believe. When the file is exporting is switch estimated time from 22 min which is standard export time in my experience to 8 or 6 minutes. Once it reaches anywhere from 60%-67%, the file doesn't continue to export and an "error compiling movie error unknown" occurs. I tried to delete the video files in my timeline that I believed caused the problem. Their file name is mp4. Even after I did that the error still occurred. I didn't change any advanced settings for export. What should I look for in the settings if that's where the problem is? But, I believe it was the mp4 files.

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              Thanks for the follow up with further details.


              1. Please review the following Adobe document on Complying error for export

              "Error compiling movie" during render or export


              2. Please confirm error @

              Encoding Menus

              Encoding Media


              Actual Burn Process


              3. Best to make a copy of the problem project and work from that for the troubleshooting..File Menu/Save a Copy, with different name for copy or copies.


              3. Expand the Timeline with the -+ slider above the Timeline to get a better view of the Timeline content.

              a. look for obvious flaws in the Timeline tracks content -

              b. Explore for less obvious flaws

              ....Target the transitions...have you dealt with trimmed versus untrimmed clip where the transition is being made?

              ....Target the audio, looking for gaps

              ....Target the Timeline in general looking for debris, fragments of clips that you previously deleted

              ....Check Timeline menu marker placements....no stop marker after the last item on the Timeline

              ....Check Movie Menu customization area for overlapping buttons, presenting with red frames around the overlapping buttons

              c. When you have your disc in the burner tray, what does the burn dialog Quality area show for Space Required and Bitrate.

              d. What is the video compression for your .mp4? Have you set a 4:3 project for a 4:3 source or a 16:9 project for a 16:9 source?


              Let us start here and then decide what next.


              Thank you.




              Add On...If you are working with version 13, have you updated to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update? If not, please do so.

              Also, determine if it makes a difference to the outcome with or without the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher preference disabled. See

              Edit Menu/Preferences/General.