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    Kelby preset problem

    Holtorf Photo Level 1

      I recently purchased Scott Kelby's book for Lightroom 5 and downloaded/imported presets (for develop/print modules) from "kelbytraining.com/books/LR5" into one of my catalogs. The catalog's print module is no longer functioning properly. Selected images from the film strip do not show up in the main window. Most of the right panel options are not working and scrolling through the template browser shows the variations in the preview panel but nothing appears in the primary display area. I've manually deleted the presets from Kelby but the problem remains. Any way to restore default settings? I have a total of 4 lightroom catalogs. The other three are operating properly. Running Windows 7, 64bit.

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          Holtorf Photo Level 1

          OK - there were some presets left in the develop module that were apparently the offending gremlins. Deleted them from within Lightroom and from windows explorer. Print module back to normal. I think they were develop presets created for Lightroom 4 that I had also downloaded/imported that were creating the problems. Thanks anyway.