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    FB 4.7 and CFBuilder 3

    Dennis Flanagan

      I am trying to install both Flash Builder (FB) 4.7 and ColdFusion Builder (CFB) 3 into the same IDE and cannot seem to be able to do so successfully. The environment is Mac OSX Yosemite.I have tried installing CFB as a plugin into FB (can't, FB uses Eclipse 4.3), FB as a plugin into CFB (succeeds but FB does not show up as a perspective even though it seems to install successfully), and each as a plugin into Eclipse stand-alone 4.2.2 (last one installed does not show up). Now, my "uninstall" for CFB is hosed - hangs at 32% - i think some original paths written to the uninstall directories are no longer there or something.


      Is there a trick to getting FB and CFB 3 to work together on Mac Yosemite?