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    Datenzusammenführung mit tagged text

    hartmut zick

      Liebe Gemeinde,

      ich möchte einen Text über die Datenzusammenführung formatieren. Also ein Feld in Excel ist Text. Da "Return" nicht eingegeben werden kann, habe ich den Text als Fließtext in die Zelle eingegeben. Wie kann ich Formatierungen hinterlegen oder über Tags Einfluss auf die Formatierung nehmen?


      Danke für eure Hilfe und

      viele Grüße



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          MW Design Level 5

          If I am understanding correctly you desire a paragraph break in the text that is withing a single cell. If that is correct, where the paragraph break should occur, you can insert a symbol that is not used otherwise in the text. So for instance, say an at symbol (@) is not used in any cell. You can insert that symbol where a paragraph break should occur. Then do the merge. In the merged file you can then search for the symbol used and replace it with a paragraph break. Both paragraphs would have the style you have mapped to that field.



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            hartmut zick Level 1

            Hi Mike,

            thanks for your reply. Your supposition is right and the hint with the symbol clever, never the less I am searching for a completely automated solution. Tagged text can do so, but works only with the import filter. Used in a Excel cell and merge files I have the Tagged text lines in the pages. The import filter is not working here. May be with XML - do you know about this?




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              MW Design Level 5

              Hi Hartmut,


              Part of my problem is not seeing what your data is and not understanding what you need to do with. So please excuse the rambling.


              I am uncertain why tagged text would not work coming into and out of ID (I am guessing you also want to go out of ID). I am currently changing over some databases to output tagged text instead of the XML I have used. Mostly that is because of extending ID's and QXP's use of tagged text via Em Software's tagged text plug-ins.


              But yes, XML is certainly one good way to go. I always have had to clean up the XML in some way that came from Excel. Most often I simply imported the data into Access and used Access' XML output. In either case, I most often use an XML editor. Some things I manipulate in a good text editor.


              Data merge is also much improved using a plug-in for ID. Again, I use a plug-in from Em Software, but there are others as well. I cannot recall if I have used it with paragraph breaks in the data, so I can see if that affects it.