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    Lens profiles

    Graham in NC Level 1

      How are current lens profiles created by Adobe? I'm specifically asking about Adobe provided profiles, not user generated profiles using Adobe Lens Profile Creator.


      Are the profiles generated from data provided by the manufacturers, or are the actual lenses used to photography a geometric target?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It depends. 


          The profiles that are external .lcp files are done from measurements of the checkboard pattern through lenses the same as users make them, though perhaps with a different rigorousness. 


          The profiles that are built-in to the camera raw engine, as mirrorless profiles typically are, can be from manufacturer data, and perhaps use different geometric formulas if necessary. 


          I think there are also manufacturer-supplied profiles that can be created with the lens-profile-creator and if everything is documented correctly would have a different author listed in the .lcp file.