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    Lightroom 5.7 problem after installing Creative Cloud Photoshop 2014 Trial.


      My Lightroom was working fine earlier today. However I wanted to edit some photos from my new Fuji x100T in Photoshop. When I tried to go into my CC 5 Photoshop, it wouldn't load the photos because my Camera Raw Plug-In wasn't up to date and when I tried to update it, it wouldn't update it for CC5 past the version I already had which is 6.7. So I broke down and downloaded the Photoshop CC 2014 trial so I would have the most recent Camera Raw Plug In. After installing it, I tried to open Lightroom and got the message: "Configuration Error. Pleas uninstall and reinstall the product. If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support for help and mention Error 5. I have never had to uninstall a Lightroom version to be able to install an upgrade and I am concerned about losing information (presets, ratings,Maybe photos) if I do. Not sure why I am getting this message for a program which was working perfectly up to the moment I installed the CC Photoshop Trial. Help! I have work I need to do in Lightroom (and Photoshop) tonight and it is a big problem that I can't use Lightroom.