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    On laptop LR mobile Mobile Downloads.lrdata  files are much smaller than original on ipad camera roll


      Hi following on from an earlier question.


      I imported files from my ipad camera roll into LR Mobile on my ipad. 


      When I look on my laptop I now see a automatically a colllection called "From LR mobile" has been created. Under this a collection with the same name as on my ipad.


      There also is an area "Ipad imported Photos"


      If I right click and then look at on of the files I note the files are in a directory


      Lightroom ▸ Mobile Downloads.lrdata ▸


      The files there are smaller than the ones in the camera roll. The camera jpgs in camera roll are around 4Mb. These files are around 500Kb


      It looks like LR on my Macbook has copied much smaller files across. Help please