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    Found an older Sony DSR-PD100A DVCAM for $25 at Goodwill. Will Premiere Pro CC handle this format?

    J.Elliott8652 Level 1

      Hello all;


      Found this nice triple CCD mini-DV cam cheap and it works well. I have no experience with the Sony DVCAM format, so am unsure how PPro would respond.


      Tape is a pain, but some of the things I shoot only require SD video. IIRC, this format puts a low load on the CPU, so maybe editing with it is worth the effort?


      Lastly, would I have to buy some kind of digitizing card, or only a Firewire port card? Seems that as I think back, folks using mini-DV had to buy capture cards for their computers.


      Would using this cam with PPro require all sorts of additional equipment, like decks?