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    Purple Hyperlinks are Not in My Stylesheet!

      Hi, all,

      I've inherited a project, and I'm trying to clean it up so the format and styles match my other projects. I'm using the same stylesheet for all of my projects, but for some reason, this project won't obey the hyperlink style in the stylesheet--every time I create a hyperlink, it colors the font purple.

      I've tried re-copying the style sheet in from another project where it works correctly, and even creating a new style sheet. I've opened the .css file in Notepad and searched for both the color name and the numerical code for purple--the only place it's there is in another style where I do what purple. I tried deleting that style, on the off chance it was reading that one in stead of the standard hyperlink style, but nope.

      Given all the above tinkering, I'm fairly sure the problem isn't actually with the style sheet at all. The project seems to be doing something globally to all hyperlinks, no matter what other styles are applied, and no matter what style sheet I use. Can anyone help me figure this out?