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    variable url in external library linkage?

      I'm setting up a template that needs to import artwork for buttons. There are three different button sets to choose from. Each button set has 12 different movie clips in it, but not all of them are used in the same place at the same time. A shared library would be ideal, because i can choose only the items i need and attach them to the movie clips where they are needed. The template will be used by multiple clients, so the url won't be the same each time it is used. Is there any way to make the export and import url for the shared libraries a variable? Basically, i'm trying to load movie clips from a swf into the library, so if there is a better way to do this, any suggestions would help! Thanks very much.
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          Jan-Paul K.
          I tried something similar quite some time ago, spend a lot of time on this task, but never got to a real solution.
          As far as I remember there was no way to do it in with shared libraries that do have different urls.

          There might be a workaround to build a php/asp/jsp script that pipes through the content of a configured shared lib to flash, pretending it would be the requested shared lib.