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    Problem with DataGrid

      Dear all:
      Please let me describe my requirement first:
      Now, I wanna indicate the current row has been selected by selecting the checkbox.
      I've already embedded the checkbox into the DataGrid as a column by the "itemRender". After that, I clicked the column header to sort, but I find that the checkbox cannot work well.

      If you've met the same problem?
      Any good idea?

      Thanks forward.
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          jlingwai Level 1
          Have you assigned a value that relates to the check box? For instance, lets say the datagrid dataprovider is an ArrayCollection that has the following items: Name:value, ID:value, IsChecked:value. When you check the box you change the value of the IsChecked value(true/false). This way when you resort your column you can check the IsChecked value and either check or uncheck the box.

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            I have the similar problem:
            I have a datagrid with a checkbox column. the checkBox displays correct at first. After i checked/unchecked some item, and refresh the datagrid, then there maybe have some items display incorrect. It occurs irregular .

            any suggestion?