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    Getting 'insertItemAt is not a function' Error Message

    Jim MacD

      I am using abode pro 8 and am getting a 'insertItemAt is not a function' error message using the following code. (This code below was written as an example to show the process I want - I want to clear a combo box, then add data to it.)


      The error message only appear in a one of my pdf's I currently use, otherwise it works as written. Because I want the data to appear listed from top to bottom within the combo box from 1 to 5, I insert 5 first. 5 gets inserted, but when the code tries to insert 4, it trippers the error message. Any thoughts - is there another way to insert data into a combo box?





      var i = 0;

      var ii = 5;

      var v = new Array();


      v[1] = 1;

      v[2] = 2;

      v[3] = 3;

      v[4] = 4;

      v[5] = 5;


      //Combo Box

      this.getField("Fund Company-Long-Name").clearItems();

      var a = this.getField("Fund Company-Long-Name");


      for (var i= ii;  i > 0; i--)


                   if(v[i] != undefined)



                               a.insertItemAt(v[i], (i, ""));




      v[0] = " ";



      a.insertItemAt(v[0], (0, ""));

      this.getField("Fund Company-Long-Name").value = " ";  



      //================Gives this error message=============


      Acrobat Database Connectivity Built-in Functions Version 8.0

      Acrobat EScript Built-in Functions Version 8.0

      Acrobat Annotations / Collaboration Built-in Functions Version 8.0

      Acrobat Annotations / Collaboration Built-in Wizard Functions Version 8.0

      Acrobat Multimedia Version 8.0

      Acrobat SOAP 8.0


      a.insertItemAt is not a function

      4:Field:Mouse Down