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    Audio works randomly after publishing

      Hi, I am using captivate 2 and I have a branching scenario of about 42 slides. When I publish it (no matter what format or options) the output is random. Sometimes the audio in the slides will work, other times it wont. Even in the same published file...like if I open a published exe once, audio may work. if i close it and open it again, the audio wont work and so on.

      I usually hear audio on the 1st slide (its an intro with a small sound clip) but when i click start to proceed, thats when the trouble starts. After I go to the next slide, the rest of the presentation seems muted or something. no sound for anything, slide narration, clicks, nothing. But if I close and lauch that same exe a few times, it will work sometimes.

      I just opened and closed this published exe file 10 times. 4 of the times the audio worked..6 of the times it didnt. This is crazy. I tried republishing, using different outputs ect..all with the same result.

      Any ideas anyone???