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    Flash Player Installation Stuck at 25%-30% ("Downloading" in Download Manager)

    Haravikk the Horse Level 1

      I'm trying to install the latest Flash Player update on Mac OS X, but not a single one of my machines is able to do-so. All are running Yosemite 10.10.2, and in all cases I can download the "installer", but when I run it it gets to the "Downloading" stage (25-30%) and proceeds no further.


      It also appears that are no longer regular installers at ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/flash, so what are my options? How am I supposed to update Flash now?

      Furthermore, if anyone from Adobe happens to read this, what is the point in downloading an "installer" that is actually just a downloader for the REAL installer? And why do I even need to download it at all when I have Flash Player set to update automatically (and get asked to do-so every single time it's updated?). If you want Flash to ever be taken seriously again then we need a real automatic updater that just works; users shouldn't have to keep running manual pseudo-installers just to prevent their browser from black-listing Flash for being out of date.