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    lightroom not allowing access to Develop module

    if42 Level 1



      I have the Adobe creative cloud 'photography' programme.


      I've just switched Macs. I restored a time machine backup to move my files across. On the new Mac, Lightroom appears to work, no error, until I try and edit a photo when it has then decided not to allow access to the Develop module, with the error "Develop module is disabled. Please renew your membership to reactive the Develop module".



      - I am logged in.

      - Membership is active according to the Adobe account page, which I just checked.


      How do I fix this?

      How can I actually contact Adobe, rather than add noise to a forum?


      V frustrated. I hate subscription services - this would never have happened for software I just bought. And, Adobe and pointing me to a forum with no email or phone or chat access despite paying for the service.