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    random loading plz help

      hai to all

      i did 5 swf's and one main movie. i had loaded the small swf's into main movie. everthing is right and loading.

      what i want is -> assume no. 4th swf is loaded in main swf againthe same 4th is loading i want a random one should load which is the not previously loaded. it should again do random and load the corresponding swf

      it should not load twice the same one after the other same swf.

      here is the code which i did here it is again loading the previous one plz help
      var x:Number = random(5);
      swf = "swf/" add "main" add x add ".swf";
      _roothold_mc.loadMovie(swf, 1);
      var secs = 3;
      var id = setInterval(function () {
      }, secs*1000);