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    A renaming problem in lightroom


      Somehow when importing a few hundred images, I managed not to follow my usual convention (retain the camera's image number, prefix with a N for Nikon or an F for Fuji, then add -<ShootLocation> so that a name might look like this: "F-6400-Montana-2015"


      I screwed up on import and now I have hundreds of images that are named as an example  "N6500untitled.NEF", "N6501untitled.NEF", N6502untitiled.NEF" etc etc


      I can't figure out if there's a way to truncate those names from withing Lightroom so that I can remove the "untitled" portion of the name. I can use a renaming program outside of Lightroom on both the RAW files and the XML files I have adjusted, I suppose and then reimport them. But it would be easier to do this within lightroom.


      The most important requirement is retaining the sequential numbers assigned by the camera.


      Lightroom5/Photoshop CC2014/Mac OS X Yosemite