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    Advanced Actionscripting

      I need some help to get one of my biggest project going...
      Currently, i'm trying to get environments layers at different depths to pan and zoom (with a benzier curve) and can never get it right.
      Is there anyone out there who has already done this and can help shed some light? Any advice would be much appreciated!
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          yowshyan Level 1
          During zooming, i'm trying to achieve this curvy motion as if that the camera is panning towards the target with a slight curve. so different layers will have slightly offseted motion due to their z depth.
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            I would think that masking is what you are going to need to do, and figure out the sync between all the layers if you have them set up in different scenes.
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              yowshyan Level 1
              thanks for your reply... unfortunately "figuring out the sync" is the harddest part.....

              TheCanadian suggested:
              this.mc.onEnterFrame = function():Void {
              this._xscale = this._yscale += 5;
              this._x = (Stage.width / 2) + Math.sin(this._xscale * Math.PI / 180) * 200;
              which is something that i'm doing but more...

              I need it to let it zoom at the right place and zoom out without running out of the sides. since my image is rectangular and long at one of its sides, the registration point poses a problem when it scales (i.e. runs off faster at the sides)
              I tried changing registration points (which worked) but it was erratic after i placed in mouselisteners that picks up movement of mouse to pan the image (within stage)...

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                yowshyan Level 1
                anyone that can help???