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    Duplicate sets of help files in Contents

    davjsim Level 1
      I'm using RH 4x.1 on Windows XP platform, and have been for several years.
      I have a set of individual help files (87 of them) for which I created a master project. I added, via File > New > External CNT File, all of the Individual .CNT to the TOC of the master project. I also combined the indexes via right-click on the primary layout (WinHelp 4) > Properties > Contents > Files included in Index. I also designated the master project as the Master CNT. I compiled the master project.
      Problem: When I open the help, as a user would, and get the Help Topics: <project name> window, I get the entire set of individual help files (as I should), represented as books, from which I can open any one book and get the contents of that file, BUT the entire set is repeated 9 times within the Help Topics: window!! as in, A - Z, A - Z, A - Z, etc. One file in particulary is actually repeated more.

      I've done this before with other projects and had no trouble. In fact, I checked all of the settings on the projects that work against this one and can find nothing different. Why is the set of help files repeating? I really can't release this until it's fixed. All content appears to be present, I get no errors, nothing in the build process (of the master project) indicated I did something wrong. I should mention that I'm storing all projects in Visual Source Safe, and check them out as needed, but this is not a new process to me.
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          Hi David
          I've been doing exactly the same thing as you have also for years now and I have never had any problems combining cnt's and indexes. I also use RH4.1 on Windows XP but with Word 2003 which seems to work fine for me ;-).
          I haven't combined as many cnt's and indexes as you, only 7 in fact, but I shouldn't think the shear number of your combined help files is causing the trouble.
          So here's just a few guesses:
          -Have you checked your master cnt file for multiple entries? (You can open and edit the cnt in Notepad because the cnt is really just an ASCII file).
          -What I haven't done is designate the master project as the Master CNT. I faintly remember having some trouble with this setting long ago (everything seemed to work without it so I didn't bother). I don't know, but leaving the "master cnt" box empty might be worth a try.
          -Have you tried creating your master cnt from scratch or would that be too cumbersome?
          -To compile the Help project, RH uses the cnt in the project folder, not the one in the output folder where the .hlp is. So you might like to check if your "Get" operation in Source Safe is putting the right cnt in the right folder (BTW I also use Source Safe for version control of my RH projects).
          -Have you tried compiling your RH project from scratch? By "from scratch" I mean just on the basis of the .hpj, .rtf, .cnt and .bmp files after deleting all the temporary files (I'm assuming you have a backup). You might also like to try to compile using the hcw.exe compiler alone, i.e. not using RH at all.

          As I said just a few guesses, but who knows…
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            davjsim Level 1
            Hi Jaminez,
            thanks for the input. I hadn't checked on ANY of these, so it was good that you prompted me.
            -multiple entries: I checked, and opened it in NotePad (didn't know I could do that; great tip) and there is only 1 instance of each .cnt, .hlp, and index file.
            -master CNT: I would have removed it, but that's not an option. I cannot continue with the process unless a master CNT is designated.
            -create master cnt from scratch: that's how I created it in the first place. I added, individually, the external CNT files of each help project to be included. Also added each .hlp file to the index, but only once.
            -I compiled using hcw.exe; same result
            -cnt in project folder: I have to copy the .hlp and .cnt files from the !SSL! folder to the project folder, because the same files in the project folder aren't updated after compiling. Files in project folder get checked in to VSS. The Shared files are updated when I check in to VSS. So, I have to presume that VSS IS getting the correct .hlp and .cnt files, because I get the latest shared files to run the project.
            I think I did something in the construction of the project, but don't know what it could be. I've compared this project with previous versions that work correctly, and can no differences except that in the correct project, the map ID was created in the MTS.hh file, and in the new project, it was created in the HPJ Map IDs folder, but I can't imagine that would be the cause.
            I'll keep pondering and testing.