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    Just an advice for Adobe guys

      Hello Mr Adobe,

      First of all, congratulations to you (and your adoptive son Macromedia) , I think that Flex could represent a real revolution in the software development. I always have been a Flash fanatical, and Flex represents the solution to all weak points on Flash. But I think that you guys, aren't doing your best on one of the most important labours when releasing a new product: evangelization.

      If you want us to use Flex, why don't you built www.flex.org and www.adobe.com with Flex? I know that it's a great effort, but you are a big company, sure that you've got a huge and skilled team capable of showing us the benefits of Flex. If you are not the first on using your own products, this is not a good sign.

      Another issue: We need a good documentation. Only a few easy examples aren't enough to help us to program a complex application (whatever you can develop with JSP, ASP, PHP...) I think that there isn't enough support from your side. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      By my side, I will continue trying to learn Flex, I really love what you have done, the best I have ever seen. Sorry for my very bad English, and best regards!
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          Totally agree - I think Flex looks great but to be honest the support doccumentation for a development system falls short i only started messing around with it on monday (and we got really excited about it) and i cant get any help with web services etc and to be honest if i dont find the answer today ill have to scrap using flex and any plans we had and use MICROSOFT! It may full short but it has ooooodles or support and examples which is why its so widely used...

          Loading xml from a .net webservice should be like frying eggs, so if i cant find help on frying eggs no point trying to build a resturant - to be honest in 25 years of coding ive never been beaten by a code challange - but i simply have no idea where to start! anoying!

          have i missed something??
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            davidmedifit Level 1
            Spyder - I'm perplexed! You can't find out how to load XML from a web service? Have you looked at the documentation on livedocs? Have you searched this forum? Have you tried ANY of the sites below?


            .Net web services conform to the standards of ALL web services, so accessing a .Net WS in particular should not present any unique issues.

            I would suggest that if you guys have any specific coding problems that you post them, along with relevant code, to this forum.

            A word to the wise - if you are looking for people to do the work for you, you'll be out of luck, but there are a number of people who scan this forum who are Felx experts (including Peter Ent and Tracy Spratt) and will help out if you are truly stumped.

            Stick with it - the payback is worth it, for you, your company and your clients.


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              I realise some views here may be biased since I've never been bowled over by (underinformed) naysaying.


              Originally posted by: Pirlock
              If you are not the first on using your own products, this is not a good sign.

              Flex is an RIA framework. www.adobe.com and www.flex.org are websites.

              It's a bit of a philosophical distinction, but it all comes down to using the tools and *standards* that suit the job. Flex isn't standard (yet), so I can't see it becoming the building blocks of adobe.com for a while.

              If you're going to ask why can't they have a Flex/HTML combi, then you could argue the same about Flash - why didn't they build a Flash/HTML website when it could look so much swisher? Either way, despite not being built using those products, there are examples of these products in use accessible from those sites.


              Another issue: We need a good documentation.

              I found the API brimming with all the right stuff.


              Only a few easy examples aren't enough to help us to program a complex application

              The right pages contain bountiful amounts of tutorials, examples, and information. There are books on the subject too.
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                I was a tad annoyed by the flex docs at first. I hated it that when i looked something up that I was mostly presented with docs on the Class, and not straight examples, like in Flash help. Ive been using flex for about 3 months now, reading articles, posting on the forums, and I've gotten to the point where I think that the flex help docs are the best I've ever dealt with. I think the second I realized how to use flex in a pure OO way, that it all hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm 8 times the progammer i used to be. Understanding OO design is key to learning Flex, thats why Java programmers pick up on it so eazy. I've learned so much from Tracy and others on the Forums, so no complaints there. Flex is the BEST! and there are plenty of resources to learn from. Since FLex came out and I've been reading its docs and posting on the boards, I finally consider myself a true programmer. Keep up the good work!