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    Image maps and other form elements

      I have a server side image map application that works quite well. I decided that I wanted to pass more user-generated information than the coordinates of the click, specifically to add a set of radio buttons. I'm not sure how to get the value of the radio button along with the other stuff. Here is my initial html file:

      <title>Map database - Costa Rica point pick</title>
      <h3> Clicking any point on the map will find all maps at that point.</h3><br>
      <INPUT type="radio" name="fuzzc" value="0"> Very precise   
      <INPUT type="radio" name="fuzzc" value="3" checked> Some tolerance   
      <INPUT type="radio" name="fuzzc" value="5"> Much tolerance<br>;
      <a href="../pointpick.cfm?hgt=510&prjn=EQ&wid=467&left=-86&right=-82.3646&botdeg=8&topdeg=11 .909&lr=deg"><IMG src="../picpics/costa_rica.gif" ismap width=467 height=510></A>

      When it gets to the code in pickpoint.cfm that tries to get the calue of the radio button, I get

      Element FUZZC is undefined in FORMS.

      The error occurred in D:\inetpub\wwwroot\mapsCatalog\test\pointpick.cfm: line 160

      158 : <cfset botdeg = #fixparam(URL.botdeg)#>
      159 : <cfset fuzzd = abs(topdeg - botdeg) * (fuzzp / hgt)>
      160 : <cfset fuzzq = forms.fuzzc>

      I understand that this is happening because I'm trying to mix 2 types of parameter passing, but don't know how to get around it.