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    AICC and SCORM publishing

      First, I can find this answer anywhere, and Adobe support isn't being very helpful.

      We purchased 20 copies of Breeze 5.1 and planned on using the published PowerPoints on our LMS system for rapid training. We had network issues with SCORM so we decided to use AICC tracking. Presenter 5.1 published to both of these, so we thought no problem. But there was a bug in 5.1 (confirmed over a 2 week discussion with support in 2005) that caused it's AICC published courses to need "tweaking" after publishing to work with our LMS. We eventually stopped using Breeze due to this.

      Now with Adobe's Presenter 6, we want to know if this issue is fixed. But we can't get anyone at Adobe who knows anything. All of this could easily be solved if we could get then to send us a presentation published using AICC tracking. And you can't do this with the 15 day trial.

      1. Anyone know about Presenter 6 AICC output?
      2. Can I *beg* anyone to publish a simple 3 slide Powerpoint to AICC from Presenter 6?