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    Embedding a hidden swf file in html

    JKohn99 Level 1
      I'm trying to create a utility swf file in Flex 2 to allow a Launcher type application written in Flex to communicate
      to a jsf application. I was planning on use the Flex Ajax Bridge along with a "SwfController" embedded in the
      jsf application. The Launcher would send commands to the SwfController and the Controller (via the bridge)
      would communicate with the jsf application.

      This all works but what I'm missing is how to I load/embed my SwfController as an invisible flash movie (similar
      to what is done in the FDS bridge (FDMSLibrary.load("includes/swf/FDMSBridge.swf", FDMSReady);

      I may want to also extend this to retrieve data for the jsf appliacation to avoid duplication of some complex parsing
      already implemented in Flex.

      I see references to hidden swf files but no indication as to how these are implemented.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Jim Kohn