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    ColdFusion Builder 3 Mac Eclipse Plugin

    Dennis Flanagan Level 1

      I have been trying numerous ways to install CFBuilder 3 Trial into Eclipse 4.2.2 on Mac (Yosemite) and just cannot get CFBuilder to load the CF Perspective. I have tried in various Eclipse versions, and in multiple orders including just installing CFBuilder Trial Edition without in a clean 4.2.2 Eclipse from clean CF install (plugin only, but tried also installing full CFBuilder app both before and after plugin installation, rebooting between each install) and new workspace.


      My ultimate goal is to also install Flash Builder 4.7 into the same Eclipse app, but am starting with CFBuilder since Flash Builder installs successfully. Note that this question is ONLY for the ColdFusion Builder 3 installation alone without Flash Builder installed on the machine.


      Bottom line: I just cannot get CFBuilder 3 to load into Eclipse 4.2.2 and show the CF Perspective even though it appears to be a successful plugin install; I am starting Eclipse either from both the plugin directory's shortcut and from the eclipse app itself - neither work.


      Does anyone have a clue whether this can be done on a Mac?