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    stuck installation


      I received a notification that my flash player needed to be updated. I went through the procedure but the installer got stuck at 30%. I uninstalled as much as I could to reinstall the entire program. However, when it came time again for an update, the installer again got stuck at 30%. Anyone else have this issue?

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          Had the same problem (stalling at 25% or 30%).


          This worked for me:

          1.     Reboot computer or use Activity Monitor to force quit any prior Adobe Flash installation process that may be still running

          2.     Download Adobe Flash update using this link (assuming you are using Safari or Firefox): Flash Player for Safari and Firefox - NPAPI 

          3.     Mount flash player by clicking on flash drive icon on desktop

          4.     Right click on Flash file

          5.     Choose 'Show Package Contents'

          6.     Open 'Contents' then 'Resources'

          7.     Run file 'Adobe Flash Player.pkg'

          8.     Reboot computer.