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    Error Code: U43M1D207 installing Adobe Extension Manager CS5 5.0 Update

    Daryl Morse

      I've searched for this error and read the replies. None of them helped.


      I'm running PS CS5 Extended, version 12.0.4. It was just moved onto a new computer. Other Adobe products include Acrobat XI Pro and Reader XI.


      After the software was installed on the new computer, I updated Acrobat and Reader with no problems. When I updated PS, IIRC, some updates installed properly, but Extension Manager CS5 5.0 will not install.

      Adobe - 1.PNG

      Adobe - 2.PNG

      Adobe - 3.PNG

      I tried manually installing AEM CS5 5.0. It installed without error, but PS doesn't seem to recognize it.


      This problem was not happening on my old computer.


      Any suggestions?