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    After Effects crashing HELP

    Vectorguy87 Level 1

      I have After Effects CS6 and I have a file running. I have 6 comps going in that file due to small animation clips for a big project. I have them set up and literally almost to render. But now every time I load it up, comp 3 loads up. I click comp 2 and 1 they work! If it pick comp 4,5 or 6 it tells me that AE has crashed and I can save before the crash. I really REALLY need these to work. I'm freaking out due to I have this project and its literally due like Tuesday. Please help me. I'm really worried and stressed!


      errors, including ae.blitpipe


      That link is the actual error I am having. I'm doing updates but I'm still freaked and hoping it fixes the issue with my update! >_<


      Update didn't fix my issue. Now I'm really freaked! >_<