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    Error and Confused


      So I posted an issue regarding a crash. I'm freaking out still but this is the exact error.
      after effects error crash in progress. last logged message was: <4784><DynamicLink><5>C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Adobe Premiere Pro.exe


      Apparently it is only related to a Illustrator file. I need this to be fixed and worked. I updated my Adobe CS6 files and I have this one file really needing to be fixed! Help please. I'm confused and lost!!

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          Vectorguy87 Level 1

          Update! It is due to my Illustrator drawing file that is causing the issue. It is really weird. I'm confused and starting to badly stress out. Please help me. I can't call Adobe tech support till monday but I'm sure my project is due tomorrow!

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Well, then clean up your Illustrator file. Make sure it's RGB, not CMYK.

            Make sure there aren't any placed files in there of any odd formats. Save it as an old Illustrator version (like Illustrator 8). Try any or all of those things to see if it fixes it. (Make sure to save a copy of your file in its current state first.)