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    Flex Ajax Bridge - Ultimate disposition

    JKohn99 Level 1
      I've been using the FABridge, and some difficulities not withstanding, I find it quite usefull.

      So my question is what are the chances that this will become part of stanstard Flex, as opposed
      to Flex Data Services? Getting my organization to use Flex was a tough sell and FDS will never fly here.

      , So If it turns out that FABridge is slated for FDS only then I'll stop now and go back to just using the external interface
      with call backs.


      Jim Kohn
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          Ivascu Cristian Level 1
          Hi Jim,

          FABridge is not a part of Flex Data Services. There is an application of it called the Ajax Data Services which builds on top of the FABridge to further integrate Ajax and the Flex Data Services. However you can use FABridge without FDS, only with Flex Builder. And for now it's not coupled with either standard Flex or the FDS - it's just a standalone project on the labs.

          Hope this helps,