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    Newsletter templates

    Kmcless Level 1

      Where are the cool, magazine-style newsletter templates? I am new to InDesign and need that kind of structure to get started.

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          MW Design Level 5

          InDesign doesn't ship with templates. But if you Google it you will find some, likely some free and purchasable ones. Something like


          InDesign Newsletter Templates


          Should find some. Otherwise, you can Google even for images of newsletters and Google will provide a ton of images from which you can pick some you like and combine elements from them, change elements of the designs, etc.


          If you are new to ID, I cannot recommend too much that you look at tutorials on the web--for which you should be able to Google for--Lynda.com for training, and/or a book like Sandee Cohen's book Visual QuickStart Guide.



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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            InDesign Secrets have permission from Adobe to distribute the templates that used to come with CS4 and they include some newspaper templates. Nevertheless you can't produce InDesign documents in an easy way - you need to learn how to use it, and the ones mentioned are excellent as is the online training from Trainsimple.com

            You get the templates here: https://indesignsecrets.com/resources/indesign-templates


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              Kmcless Level 1

              Thank you, Derek. I will check these out.




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                Kmcless Level 1

                Thank you, Mike.


                Dr. Kathleen Malone Clesson, NBCT

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