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    How do I edit how the audio file looks once it's in an ePub document?


      Hi all,


      I'm embedding audio content into my inDesign file in the "Advanced" design space, which will eventually become a fixed layout ePub file, and then an eBook.


      However, when I place the audio file, which works fine, I can't figure out how to edit how the audio player looks from the "Media" window/panel built into inDesign. If I extend the frame to make it much bigger, a whole audio bar shows up (complete with controls), but it is very small. Alternately, if I make the frame 60px by 60px, the audio bar is way shorter, and seemingly cut off, but it is bigger and I can actually click the videos.


      Please inquire if this is at all confusing! It's a bit hard to explain, so anyone with any input would be very helpful. Thanks!