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    Nested Composition isn't showing up correctly


      I'm making a large animation as a project to bring my drawing, animation, and story telling skills together.  Well I just got started, no more than 2 actual minutes of my short film and I've noticed one of my nested compositions is not showing up properly.  I rendered out the part to see if it would display correctly then and it did not.  All of my compositions are separate After Effects files in the same folder on my external hard drive.  I bring each individual short composition into one (in this case Scene 1 composition) and that's where the issue occurs.


      Right now I'm working with 3 compositions and 3 project files, Intro, Opening, and Scene 1.  Scene 1 will contain Intro and Opening.  When importing Intro and Opening to Scene 1, Opening does not show up correctly with one of the text animations being off.  Looking at Opening in it's original project file it is correct.  The text animation that shows up incorrectly came from a preset animation called Pulse Orange.ffx.  The animation was slightly altered to give the desired effect (changed color and the rate of the pulse).


      Here are two screen shots showing the exact same time of the clip, but one is a nested composition and the other is the original project file.  The top one is how it should appear and the bottom one is the incorrect one.  These are at the same time in both, just different project files.


      After Effects CC 2014.1.1

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      No error messages appear

      This is the first time this problem has occurred, and I've done this many times

      If there is more information you need to know then just ask.  I put what thought to be relevant, and I go back and forth between many computers so I can only put down information for the one I'm currently using (my windows 7).  And yes this same thing happens between all the other computers I use, and not just this one.  I've tried and recreated the Scene 1 file many times.