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    Usage of # in Internet Explorer 7 for WebHelp.

      We are using RH5 and generating the WebHelp. Our application sends the following URL to the Web browser:
      file:C:\Program Files\Common Files\MyCompanyy\Help\MyFile.htm#ThisTopic.htm.

      Behavior in IE6: "ThisTopic.htm" is displayed in the right pane and the TOC gets appropriately synchronized in the left pane. This is the intended behavior.

      Behavior in IE7: Instead of "ThisTopic.htm" getting displayed in the right pane, "MyFile.htm" gets displayed. That is, the significance of # is ignored by IE7. Microsoft is saying that this is a RH5 issue since the IE7 browser supports the #.

      Any idea how we can fix this for IE7 if it's a RH5 issue?

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          Flaven Level 1
          Kutra, I encountered the same issue with IE7. There's specific information on the "pounding sand" (e.g., #) problem at http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/calling_webhelp/using_urls.htm that may be helpful to you.

          Basically, there are two solutions he notes:

          Solution 1
          If your developers amend each call so that the first call has one query mark added and the next call has two query marks, then it will work correctly.
          After that calls need to alternate so it would continue as below
          My thanks to Werner Hutter for telling us about adding query marks to the call and Tony Harris for simplifying the method.

          Solution 2
          Add target="_new" to give something like
          startpage?#path/topic1.htm target="new"
          See Tommy Simmons topic for information on this method.

          We call our help system internally within the application, and our developer fixed the issue, "I had to go with the alternating "?#" and "??#" because the other way (title="_new") only works from within HTML (has to be in an HREF statement). But, I implemented the other way and it seems to have fixed the problem. So it looks like it is RoboHelp's fault -- I would just feel a little better about it if I knew exactly WHY this worked -- but I guess as long as it works I won't worry about it."

          I haven't yet tested this thoroughly with an RH6 compiled WebHelp, but it worked with RH5.02.

          Good luck...

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            By all means try the query mark instead of the hash but i believe the hash is working for others. I notice you are trying it on your hard disk. Have you tried it on the server where the help will be deployed?

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              Kutra Level 1
              Thanks. I will give it a shot.