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    CenterPopUp issue

      I Have 2 panel components on a stage, one of them the bottom half one has a button that opens a titlewindow popup. The problem i'm having is that the popup is centered on the lower half of the screen. I'm wondering if its possible to center it in the center of the application and not the local center of the calling component.

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          jlingwai Level 1
          Yea......here's what I did
          In the main application I have the screen broken up in different sections(4). I then added a canvas the overlaped all of the sections(covering the entire application). I then had the title window pop up in that canvas.

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            RyoZero Level 1
            In your Popup window....

            1.- add event handler to creationComplete;

            private function Init():void {


            2.- with this lines on init function, your window go to the center of the screen