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    Where best to install CPS

      Hi, I am looking for the best server to put CPS on. I have a website on a DMZ that I would like internal staff to edit, but also be able to work on from home. Is this possible by putting CPS on the webserver, or would it be best hosted internally, and drop the external access altogether?
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          stockholmsyndrome2006 Level 1
          CPS can be installed on the same server as your webserver - granted that the server is set up with j2ee supported app server. The simple installer that is included with the CPS installer includes macromedia jrun is about 85 mb, so itsa small foot print.

          You probably don't need it public facing - unless you need the ablity to manage users from an external address. It makes more sense to keep CPS inside of your network and it can manage sites that are external. Most users can probably VPN into their internal network and access the site securely.

          The only thing you need to really watch out for is that it needs to operate on https connection ideally, so you have the choice of installing a CA cert or using a self signed cert. I believe apache and IIS can be set up for this.

          Also watch the port numbers - jrun uses 8900 by default.
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            redbarron Level 1
            In our situation, we've been using CPS on a server that's separate from the web server. All our staff access it from within our network--working just fine for months now, but I'm just now trying to get connected from home. Our NA gave 8900 access through the firewall, but I'm still getting the message: "The server is down or not accepting connections..." I know the server's not down, so, is there another piece to this that must be done? I made sure the URL of the CPS server was accessible (dns) from outside the network and indeed it allowed me to login and authenticated me against our LDAP, but then the connection box starts the synchronization and about 1 1/2 mins. later I get the error. Any ideas?
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              redbarron Level 1
              Just a quick follow-up in case folks are reading this:

              The reason for the error after authentication was that we had to open our web server FTP port through the firewall. This was contradictory to what the CPS documentation says about how CPS handles the FTP traffic, but sure enough, once we made that port "visible" through our firewall, the authentication + synchronization occurred and I was able to start working in Contribute. An inquiry to Adobe about this resulted in an affirmation that we had to do this (even though it's really not clearly stated in all their documentation) and to protect our web server we should use an unusual port for FTP and/or implement a secure SSH level protocol. I need to investigate this further, but you'd think it could've spelled out a little more clearly as opening a company's FTP to the outside would clearly present a risk for most folks.