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    HTML pages on a cd for a Macintosh

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      I have a hypred cd/dvd that has a website that's over 2 gig. There are
      files on this cd that are editable. The editable items are all in the same
      I have a director exe on the cd that copies that folder and creates the
      navigational pages on the users computer.

      The website works on the PCs I've tested, but on the Mac it can't find the
      When I open the html page off of the cd on the Mac I see a
      "file:///volumes/" infront of the CDs name. This isn't needed on the PC.
      For Macs I can add: codegCDPath = "file:///volumes/"&gCDPath, but I'm not
      sure if all Macs are set up the same way, or if all Mac browsers will read
      the same way.

      This is the code I use to get the cd's path:

      lCDPath = the pathName
      gCDPath = ""
      lDelimiter = the last char in the pathName
      repeat with i = 1 to the number of chars in lCDPath
      if char i of lCDPath = lDelimiter then
      gCDPath = gCDPath&"/"
      gCDPath = gCDPath&(char i of lPathOnCD)
      end if
      end repeat

      I have Director rewriting the html page into a field the code looks like

      put "<frame src="&QUOTE&gCDPath&"Main.html"&QUOTE&"
      name="&QUOTE&"mainFrame"&QUOTE&" scrolling="&QUOTE&"auto"&QUOTE&"
      id="&QUOTE&"TEC2"&QUOTE&">"&RETURN after field "htmlNew"

      Director then saves the field "htmlNew" out as an html document.

      This is going to be for MacOS 10.4 and greater, for when 10.5 comes out.

      Is there a better way to get the website happy pathname for the cd?