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    Clean and Build Causes Error

      I copied and pasted some XML and caused an error like this


      When I ran the project, it came up with an error. No problem, I removed the extra \ and re-ran.

      The error continued to show up every time I ran, even though the code was now clean.

      So I tried to clean the project, thinking this would force Flex to recognise the code change - but now, when I run the project, it keeps saying

      FileNotFound: GraphApp.html

      I have had this problem several times in my first week after buying Flex, and I'm seriously wondering why I wasted my money. But am I just missing something obvious?

      How can I get my application to run again without having to delete the entire project and start again. Also, why does the code error keep getting picked up forever after it has been fixed?

      Thanks for any help..

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          I am having th same problem with my project. I cleaned my project and tried to re-build it. The html files for any new mxml application that I had added to the project was not rebuilt and placed in the bin directory. Also any debug html files that were also created are also missing. I know of know way to fix the problem without manually re-creating the application mxml files.

          As for the question whether you wasted your money on Flex I would have to say that we all overpaid for FlexBuilder. It would probably be fairly priced around $99. It is a very weak IDE type product as compared with other products on the market today. For $499 you can get IntelliJ which just blows away this environment for development even though it is currently only for Java. And the releas schedule for bug fixes is terrible. We has to wait six months just for a ".01" incremental update to the product.