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    Why are my custom camera profiles not showing up in Lightroom 5 on my mac?


      So I've literally worked on this for hours and can't seem to get it to work.  I'm worried that the answer is simple and I'm just not seeing it for some reason.  Anyway, I created a custom camera profile using the DNG profile editor and exported it to a .dcp.  I've placed it in every folder I can think of including users/[my user name]/library/application support/adobe/cameraraw/cameraprofiles  which is where the DNG profile editor saves it to by default and I've also read its the correct place to add it from several other sources.  Since then I've restarted lightroom multiple times, and have even restarted my mac a few times, but I still only see adobe standard and the fuji preset options (as the raw files are from a fuji x-pro 1).  Lightroom version is 5.7.1 and camera raw is 8.7.1.  Anyone have any suggestions for what I might be missing? Thanks in advance