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    Active X and FlashVars Troubleshooting

    Stefan Huwiler
      An swf - Navigation is embedded in an HTML site. The Navigation should receive a status - var from outside, so I used the param and embed tags with the FlashVars Option and its value.

      Unfortunatly in IE I have now the well-known problem with Active X warnings. So I used the Adobe Template to prevent this case, but it doesn't work with my FlashVar.

      The whole thing is going to be implemented in a dot.net CMS, so I can't use an server side script to send and load vars.

      Every hint to this case - Active X and FlashVars - could be useful.

        • 1. Active X and FlashVars Troubleshooting
          Newt99 Level 1

          Using SWF Object to integrate the SWF as opposed to the Flash HTML templates, you will get rid of the Active X activation problem while retaining the Flash Vars: http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/


          destFlash = new SWFObject("loader.swf?ctr=<%=sCountry%>&group=<%=sGroup%>", "WorldMapID", width, height, 6, "#F4F7FC");
          destFlash.addParam("wmode", "opaque");
          destFlash.addVariable("page", page);
          destFlash.altTxt = '';
          destFlash.bypassTxt = '';

          You can either pass variables through the URL to the SWF after ? or call the addVariable() method on the SWFObject.

          Best regards,
          Karl Sigiscar.