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      オリンパスE-M5 MarkⅡのRAWデータを読み込もうとすると、「これらのファイルは、LightroomのRAW形式のサポートで認識されません」となります。  待っていれば読み込みが出来るようになるのでしょうか?

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          Translation: Olympus e-M5 Mark Ⅱ of the RAW data to load and will see these files not recognized by Lightroom's RAW format support". If you wait loading can be?

          That camera was first supported in Adobe Camera Raw 8.8.  Lightroom 6 is expected out soon (nobody knows exactly when), and it will almost surely incorporate ACR 8.8 and all the new cameras it supports.  Meanwhile, you can download DNG 8.8 to convert the raw files to DNG format, which your LR 5 will be able to import.