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    Script - Selecting next layer comp through Object Layer Visibility




      I use InDesign to set up storyboards that I made in Photoshop, using Layer Comps for every drawing. Usually, I save the one psd file and for a first-time set up, I place the same psd in all frames and then open Object Layer Options and choose the layer comp that I want to show.


      However, I have a 122 frame storyboard due tomorrow. Instead of spending my evening clicking layer comps, I was wondering if there's a script that can select the next frame, and turn on the next layer comp, and so on. Or, alternatively, a script that counts the amount of layer comps in the file and creates the frames by itself, choosing a different layer comp to display for each new frame. Or any other solution that works. I'd like to keep using layer comps in the same psd file, so I only have to worry about changing the psd and updating the indesign file when changing frames (so I'd rather not export pdfs through Bridge and then add text in InDesign for example.).


      I've googled a bit but haven't been able to find a script that did what I wanted. I hope someone can help me out.


      Thanks in advance!