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    CFX installation woes with CF10 on Linux (Ubuntu)

    alexlake Level 1

      Got an old Java class that was written for CFMX7 and can't get it working in CF10...


      The class file is WavFileConverter.class (and is in /home/cfx)


      I've never had it in a .jar as far as I know, when using it with CFMX7.


      Now when I try to instantiate it, I get:


      WavFileConverter (wrong name: com/dml/coldfusion/tags/WavFileConverter)

      The settings in CFAdmin are:

      Tag Name: CFX_WavFileConverter

      Class Name: WavFileConverter

      And I have set ColdFusion Class Path of /home/cfx

      Any suggestions? It's been a long time since I did much CF!

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          alexlake Level 1

          BTW, javap shows...


          Compiled from "WavFileConverter.java"

          public class com.dml.coldfusion.tags.WavFileConverter implements com.allaire.cfx.CustomTag {

            static java.lang.Class class$com$dml$coldfusion$tags$WavFileConverter;

            public com.dml.coldfusion.tags.WavFileConverter();

            public void processRequest(com.allaire.cfx.Request, com.allaire.cfx.Response) throws java.lang.Exception;

            public java.lang.String convertFile(java.lang.String) throws java.io.IOException;

            static java.lang.Class class$(java.lang.String);

            static {};