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    Unable to download - error getting license - E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED


      First time I tried to use Adobe Digital Editions and it's made me crasy! I bought a book, get acsm-file, install ADE... Then for two days I tried to authorize my computer, solved tree problems (with the help of forum) - done. But now I still  can't read my book - it's unable to download. The messege is: "unable to download. Error getting license. License Server Communication Problem: E_adept_request_expired". I really don't know what to do next (I've tried to change date/time, it help me to authorize, but now in isn't work).

      I'm running Windows XP, ADE 3.0.


      I would be very grateful for any help, I really need this book and that's the only variant I can get it!