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    How to maximize the presentation window?

    Stein_Inge Level 1
      The minimum screen resolution my users have is 1024 x 768, so my presentations has to fit inside this area. So the height of the area is 768. I have to take away the height of the start-button bar of 35 pixels and the top bar heading of 30 pixels. The height of the presentation toolbar (stop, start, etc) seems to be 35 pixels. That should give me a max height of 668 pixels.

      I then record the presentation is my custom mode of 1024 x 668. But when running the standalone exe file, it seems like the whole window is to far down the screen. There is an area on the top of the screen where the presentation doesn’t use and the presentation toolbar is cut off at the lover part. How can I make the presentation window show higher up on the screen? Like start top left corner or top right corner?

      You can see a picture of my screen at this location:

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